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Meet Richard Edwards CeMAP

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    Richard Edwards CeMAP
    Mortgage Adviser

    Richard has worked in the mortgage and life assurance industry for over 10 years now and has built up a wealth of invaluable experience. Starting as an underwriter at a major High Street Bank, then as mortgage packager handling difficult to place mortgages and as a mortgage consultant now for over 7 years, he has seen both ends of the spectrum. He is, therefore, able to cut through the red tape and know, on most occasions, what the prospective lender will need from the client. This speeds up the whole process and keeps his customers stress to a minimum.

    Renowned for his attention to detail, Richard will, with the minimum of fuss, get what his customer needs and meet their expectations. Referrals from existing clients are testament to how highly he is regarded. He is always happy to discuss any new cases, with working hours not being something that Richard abides by, as he understands that the majority of customers will work 9 to 5, meaning he is often available outside of these hours to have the time to properly listen and understand their needs.